Obama HUD appointee used tax dollars for Zen lessons (huh?)

Ed. Note- Didn’t April Fools Day pass? Anyone know anything else about this?

From The Washington Times

Mercedes Marquez, a woman President Obama has appointed to a prominent federal housing position, is being mocked by conservative bloggers for paying a Zen Buddhist priest thousands of dollars from her post at the Los Angeles Housing Department.

Ms. Marquez was quoted by the Los Angeles Times in 2007 supporting payments to a priestess named Norma Wong for “management training that includes teaching breathing with sphincter control, learning ‘how to stand’ and playing with wooden sticks.”

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The student becomes the teacher

From Press Publications

One of Dosho Michael Port’s Minneapolis public school students used to ask him why he had a shaved head.

Instead of dodging the question, Port always replied, “I’m a Buddhist priest.” And the student would always say, “Yeah right.”

But after Port’s true identity spread throughout the school, the student became a believer. Now, Port’s students think it’s cool to have a Buddhist priest as a teacher because of the popular media connection between martial arts and Buddhism.

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