Time out!!!

I attended a refresher course today at work. It seems that my numbers as far as rework goes, on phone installations and trouble calls, have spiked. My boss, always looking out for his crew, placed me into the course thinking it would be a good way to try to see what I was doing wrong, or what I was missing.

It got me to thinking of my practice and my life.

My job has this credo of sorts, not the actual “credo” of the company, but they say that we should concentrate on the job at hand, not the next, or the next one after that, and so on. I know that this is a big part of my problem at work, I am always stressed out about getting to the next one on time. I am so worried about my numbers concerning being late to the next job, I am neglecting the fact that my rework numbers are escalating. I’m not paying attention to the details I need to.

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