Vegetarian debate in Buddhism

Ever since I stepped foot on this path, one of the biggest issues I’ve had is, do I eat meat or do I not eat meat?

At first I thought “Buddhists must not eat meat, I mean their trying to save all sentient beings right?” Well I started doing some research. Did you know that Siddhartha Guatama, the man that is referred to as The Buddha, ate meat? Yes, actually he did. He would of course not eat meat that was specifically killed for him, or if he heard the animal being butchered. But, being a monk and needing to beg for his food, he had very little options when it came down to eating meat or not. He specifically said “Monks, I allow you fish and meat that are quite pure in three respects: if they are not seen, heard or suspected to have been killed on purpose for a monk. But, you should not knowingly make use of meat killed on purpose for you.” I borrowed that quote from Buddhism and Eating Meat. He could of course refuse the kind generosity and starve, or he could eat it and be nourished.
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