New Buddhist Social Networking/ Video Sharing

e-dharmaOn my news search today I found a link to an interesting new site. It is like the YouTube of Buddhist world. The site is eDharma. eDharma founder Rudy Hadisentosa says this of the site “ is about two things, the site serves as a social network and online community where Buddhists from all over the world can come together and share thoughts and ideas. In addition to connecting people, is designed to teach others about Buddhism in a more interesting and interactive way. We’re working to accomplish this through the video sharing aspect of the site. For example, through current videos, visitors can learn about things like moral or Zen Buddhist teachings or watch English webcasts of the True Buddha School”

Thai monks told to behave on networking Web sites

From Reuters – Thai officials urged Buddhist monks on Tuesday to avoid using social networking Web sites to woo women after an advocacy group found some monks were doing just that.

The request came as police in the northeast detained a monk accused of using a Web site to lure a woman to his temple and raping her.

“I call on Hi5 users to tell the monks to leave the site if they are found using it,” junior minister Jakrapob Penkair told reporters after a Buddhist monitoring group said some monks were flirting on the Web site popular with Thai users.

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