Interview with metal band, Rest In Disgrace

I recently stumbled on a new metal band with Buddhist influences, Rest In Disgrace. I was able to e-mail them some questions and promptly, they replied with some answers. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the band as I did. So here we go…

PM: Rest In Disgrace has various influences from Carcass, In Flames to Akercocke. The sounds of the influences are very evident in your music. Was it the intention to make the sound so evident or is this just what happened when you got together? I also hear quite a bit of Amorphis’ sound, are you guys fans?

Márcio Quirino (Bass): Well, we can say both things are true: we wanted to sound just the way we do, having some clear mentions to the names you quoted above, but in the other hand, I believe this would end up happening anyway, naturally, since that’s what we usually listen to, which means it is how we understand and express our music as well.

João Pachá (Guitars): Hails Nathan. How are Yah!??! Hummm, well, I agree that, some sounds are evident, but maybe not that much. I believe that it’s the result (are you also a clairvoyant? Ehehe) of both personalities that share some similarities, and the unshared ones left, complete each other most of the time. Just like Yin & Yang?!!

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Rest In Disgrace, Buddhist inspired Metal

I was turned onto these guys by an old reader, Wolfbane (aka D. Ingham, thanks again man). Rest In Disgrace play some doomy, darker metal, not typical of today’s metal at all. Very reminiscent of At The Gates, early Amorphis with some decent progressive sound as well.

I e-mailed the band hoping they’ll agree to be featured here, and to see what their story is… till then… here’s two videos I found on YouTube, songs are titled “Ascendance” and “Descension”… enjoy… I did!