Book Review: Light Was Everywhere

“Light Was Everywhere”
Written by Richard Wehrman
Published by Goldenstone Press

If you’ve read “The Banyan Deer” or “Endless Path: Awakening Within the Buddhist Imagination: Jataka Tales, Zen Practice, and Daily Life” by Rafe Martin you surely know who Richard Wehrman is. Richard’s art graces both books, and very much so help tell the stories in which they are included.

Richards poetry is just as artistic and extravagant as his illustrations are. The prose flows in such a way you can visualize every word he is crafting. His words are heartfelt and as honest as one could hope to be.

From specific poems, “You”, reminding one of this practice we all partake in to “Simple Things” that remind of the things we take for granted in our youth. Then, Richards wit and humor shine brightly in one of my favorites,  “Krispy Kreme Bodhisattva”. I was nearly in stitches after reading it.

Being a book of poetry, it could be a quick read. But, then, that might be wasting the time the writing deserves. Richards poetry should be enjoyed, something to be savored. I highly enjoyed “Light Was Everywhere” and hope you do too!

Chenrezig: A Poem by Xena

A while back, I did a writing exercise with my daughter, Xena. I had her look at an image of Green Tara and see what she came up with. She came up with a poem titled “Conclusions“.

Since then, she has asked me if I wanted her to try it again. Tonight she asked one more time. After asking her if it was something she wanted to do, she excitedly said yes.

This time, I showed her an image of Chenrezig (the same one I posted here), this is what she came up with.

“A caring expression,
Offering kind thoughts,
Radiating kindness.

The flowers he holds
Are loving,
And very heartfelt.

His stance shows
A quiet soul,
Ready to listen.”