Book Review: Perfect Hostage

“Perfect Hostage” written by Justin Wintle
Published by Skyhorse Publishing

“What I mean by defying authority is non-acceptance of unlawful orders meant to suppress the people. There’s nothing violent about it. It’s no more violent than is necessary in banging the keys of a typewriter.”

Justin Wintle’s biography is a well crafted, and thoroughly researched story of a woman who’s life has been wrought with more pain and suffering than most people could bear. Imagine not only losing your father, an icon not only to you as a child but an icon to his country, losing your country to vile, murderous dictators and lastly, losing your freedom. That is enough to crush the humanity from someone, but Aung San Suu Kyi has risen from the shallowness of despair to become an icon like her father, perhaps even larger.

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