Congratulations to the people of Egypt!

To the people of Egypt, you should be commended for your non-violent approach to this revolution. Through great adversity you stuck with it, and fought with no other intention except to do it peacefully.

You are a shining light to the rest of the world. I am excited to see your resolve in this situation and am even more excited to witness what the future holds for you and your country.

In the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”. You fought hard, and did not waver from your ideals. Good job Egypt!

Dalai Lama criticises anti-whaling protesters

The Tricycle Editors Blog points us toward the following article… from AFP… any thoughts?

“The Dalai Lama on Saturday criticised wildlife activists for staging what he said were violent protests over Japan’s hunting of whales.

The rebuke came as the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader visited Japan for an 11-day lecture tour.

At a news conference, he said he had told the US-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to stop its violent harassment of Japan’s whaling fleet.

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