Back from Retreat, I’ve joined the Zombies

Arrived home from retreat yesterday. Wow, what a time. The ego comes up with some amazing things when it knows it’s control is threatened, some of them scared the pants off me.

The retreat was titled “The Power Of Mindfulness” and was led by Christina Feldman and Chas Dicapua, both teachers at IMS in Barre, MA (Christine also being the co-founder of Gaia House in England).

Driving through Worcester, MA I was unsure of the “secluded” location I was headed to, but things became rural, really rural, after only a few miles. I passed a few farmhouses, some horses and realized that yes, I would be secluded. As I pulled into the parking lot I picked up the cell phone to let my wife know I arrived safely– no reception. Yup, this is seclusion!

I, and everyone else as they arrived, were given a brief tour of IMS. It’s quite the place, with an interesting history. Rooms for the retreatants are set up much like a dorm, which worked out very well. After the tour, paperwork is filled out and each person is assigned a yogi job. My job was to clean one of the bathrooms, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I won’t go through every minute of the retreat, but skepticism started arising almost immediately after the opening talk and silence was invoked.
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