Sometimes your best teachers are not Buddhists


This week I have started to realize that some of my best lessons came from people that were not Buddhists. I was over at my parent’s house this weekend for a Groundhog day Party, my parents are both from that area in Pennsylvania. They are in such a small town these events are of epic proportions.

After the party was winding down my father was moving a chair and fell. He ended up sprawled on the floor and had received a small cut about his eye. I applied some pressure and got the bleeding to stop and my mother put some butterfly bandages on it.

I guess as I age my parents are getting older. I am approaching my fortieth year on this earth my father is in his 70’s. I guess I never really noticed it as he ages he has always been in great shape. Last year he started taking his first pill and was pissed about it.

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