….Week in Review 2/20/11

Not sure if this will become a regular “column”, but I hope it does. My hope is to provide some personal commentary on news items that have happened each week, or are continuing week to week with changing story lines. So anyway…

Protests in the Middle East and North Africa…

As we all know by now, the Middle East has become the catalyst for change. Whether it be the successful protests in Tunisia and Egypt that resulted in the heads of state stepping aside, or the still new protests in Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Iran, Algeria, Kuwait and in Iraq (I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so I apologize in advance), the world as we know it is being reshaped. People across the globe are fed up with repression, oppression and any other -ession you want to throw in there. They want rights, they want to say what they want, when they want and they want someone to listen and do something about it.

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Karma: Get Rid Of It

Want to find more comfort in your belief system? Get rid of the karma in it.

All religions have karma but they call it different things. Maybe it’s the realm your spirit moves on to, perhaps it’s the life you’ll live after being reincarnated, maybe it’s the things that will happen to you next week based on what you do this week.

The moment you stop to think about how your decision will impact your karma you have stopped living. When you worry about how your actions affect your karma you are trying to decide if you want the reward or the punshiment. That isn’t karma, that’s desire. Stop worrying about your karma and just live your life.

This isn’t to say you should abandon responsibility. You wouldn’t fire a gun into a crowd and not worry about the results.  You wouldn’t get drunk and try to drive around town. Common sense is your friend.

The rain doesn’t worry about where it will land. It just falls.
The wind doesn’t worry about what is moves. It just blows.
You shouldn’t worry about your karma. Just live.

Your Thoughts: House Episode “The Tyrant”

Ed. Note- If you are a House fan and have not seen this episode, there are spoilers here so do not read on if you plan on watching it.

My wife and I are fans of the TV show House, I’m sure more than a few of you have watched it and or are hooked.

Tonight’s episode “The Tyrant” had James Earl Jones playing the role of a character very reminiscent of the President of Darfur, Omar al-Bashir. In this episode, the character gets sick and is admitted to the hospital obviously where the show takes place. He is treated for multiple things, as is the case with every show, until they think they get the diagnoses correct, but he dies.

Some of the main characters in House, Cameron and Chase, air their thoughts to one another about how this man should be treated, ethically by the medical oath they took, or based on their morality. Like the real life president of Darfur, this man and his administration are committing severe acts of genocide. Chase believes they are to do the job they have chosen, and heal the man, regardless of his inadequacies in being a compassionate human being. Cameron has a hard time doing the job, but does it none the less.

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Instant Karma?

So, today at work a guy walks in, says his car ran out of gas. He asks to use the phone to call his job, he is a manger at a local Papa Gino’s pizza place. They work out whatever it is they need to work out on the phone, he thanks me and heads out the door.

Thirty minutes later, the same guy walks in the door. This time a little more upbeat and bearing gifts. He came back to my work to bring me a pizza for letting him use the phone. Yes, I know karma doesn’t necessarily work “instantly” but it was a nice gesture on his part!