Who is your God Reverend Arnold Conrad?

An open letter to Reverend Arnold Conrad

I ask you this sir, Who is your God? Because, although I am a Buddhist, I know the God you are trying to speak of would not condone the hate that spews forth from your forked tongue. The God you are invoking is a compassionate God who loves all beings on Earth regardless of race, religion, creed or sex. Like I said, I am no Christian but I am a person who believes we all have the same core values, regardless of what faith we choose to believe and practice.

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Voters need to look beyond fear when electing leader

From The Statesmen Journal
by Jerry Braza

In the aftermath of the conventions, I recall the Buddhist concept of looking deeply and not to be trapped by just one view. It is time to go beyond ideology and recognize why we are voting.

This election is not about a personality or even party, but something much deeper. Although it is easy to become enamored with a candidate or angered by a person’s background, color or perceived differences, this only blinds us into mindless thinking and the inability to hear the deeper message that they purport.

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Joe Biden and Burma

From Irrawaddy
By Wai Moe

The Democratic Party senator from Delaware, Joseph R. Biden, has been under the glare of the international media spotlight this week after being nominated as US presidential candidate Barack Obama’s running mate for the US election in November.

Joe Biden is familiar to Burma lobbyists in Washington, DC. As the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he has been prominent in the shaping of US policy on Burma in recent years, say observers in the US capital.

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