Scientists Document Evidence That Incense Causes Lung Damage

Ed. Note – I think we can figure out that any form of smoke is bad for us, whether it’s in a cigarette, a stick of incense or the tailpipe of a vehicle. We know it’s bad ok? We get reports telling us one day milk is good, then it’s bad, WAIT then it’s good again. How about the fact we are the only mammal that drinks another mammals milk, that little nifty bit of information would interest me, not the numerous reports of how I need to live. Tell me about the toys my kids are playing with, and if they have lead in them, or the drugs the doctor prescribed that might kill me or my loved one’s. The easy stuff, like inhaling anything that has smoke in it, we know is bad. Sorry tangent there!

From American Chronicle – Scientists have documented evidence that incense is harmful to human health.

Incense is popular in Asian countries. It is common for the Buddhism and Taoism religions to burn incense daily.

In the United States, incense is often sold in health food stores and used for religious purposes or scenting a room. However, incense is dangerous to health according to scientists.

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