Rest In Disgrace, Buddhist inspired Metal

I was turned onto these guys by an old reader, Wolfbane (aka D. Ingham, thanks again man). Rest In Disgrace play some doomy, darker metal, not typical of today’s metal at all. Very reminiscent of At The Gates, early Amorphis with some decent progressive sound as well.

I e-mailed the band hoping they’ll agree to be featured here, and to see what their story is… till then… here’s two videos I found on YouTube, songs are titled “Ascendance” and “Descension”… enjoy… I did!

Tibetan Refugee, Buddhist and Death Metal artist??

Courtesy of Rod at The Worst Horse via Konchog Norbu, we are made aware of a documentary film, right up my alley.

“Journey Of A Dream is a feature length documentary, a film by Shenpenn Khymsar that will take audiences on an epic, global journey into heavy metal music, exile, Buddhism and Tibetan roots.”

You can check out some of Shepenn and his band Avatara at their MySpace page HERE!

Connect and find out more about the film on Facebook HERE!!!

Also check out the trailer for the documentary below…. can’t wait to see this and hear what the future has in store for Avatara!