Food Review: Bumble Bars

I love seeds and nuts so I was pleasantly surprised when I tore into my first Bumble Bar. For lack of a better description, the bar resembles a suet cake. I don’t mean that in a negative way, it’s unfortunately the only way to describe the look of this bar.

As you can imagine, the flavor is very earthy with the seeds and nuts, but there are a variety of flavors one can choose from to “enhance” the Bumble Bar experience. The base of a Bumble Bar is made from sesame seeds and quite a bit of flax. Both the sesame and flax seeds have huge amounts of health benefits. It’s quite amazing actually that something so small could be so beneficial to one’s health. Both have been used for hundreds of years, the sesame seed actually being one of the worlds oldest condiments.

I tried 6 different Bumble Bars (Mixed Nut, Almond, Hazelnut, Lemon, Original and Chocolate). My favorite was the lemon, reminded me of the lemon cakes my mom used to make for me. She always thought lemon was my favorite flavor, and year after year she would make me a lemon cake. This carries on today, as she told my wife about my supposed lemon obsession, so she does everything in lemon flavor as well. Yes I like lemon, but not as much as everyone think, getting off topic here though.

I enjoyed every one of the Bumble Bars. While they are not a meal replacement, as I’m sure they are not intended to be, they are quite a filling snack. This will tide you over between meals and is way better for you than a snickers or some other overly processed snack product.

Bumble Bar is organic and gluten free. They also claim to be ethically sourced, whether that be their recycled boxes, cornstarch packing peanuts to the biodegradable cleaning products they use in the processing facility. They deal with farming co-ops throughout the world, where the money goes back into local communities instead of the hands of some corporation that barely gives farmers anything for their hard work.

I love these bars and hope you’ll give them a shot. If you’ve tried them, I’d love to see your thoughts in a comment below.