Book Review: Perfect Hostage

“Perfect Hostage” written by Justin Wintle
Published by Skyhorse Publishing

“What I mean by defying authority is non-acceptance of unlawful orders meant to suppress the people. There’s nothing violent about it. It’s no more violent than is necessary in banging the keys of a typewriter.”

Justin Wintle’s biography is a well crafted, and thoroughly researched story of a woman who’s life has been wrought with more pain and suffering than most people could bear. Imagine not only losing your father, an icon not only to you as a child but an icon to his country, losing your country to vile, murderous dictators and lastly, losing your freedom. That is enough to crush the humanity from someone, but Aung San Suu Kyi has risen from the shallowness of despair to become an icon like her father, perhaps even larger.

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Observing the end of an era; Harry Potter “Deathly Hallows”

Firstly, let me say there are no spoilers here, so if you are a fan don’t worry. I am almost 200 pages into the book already so I can’t spoil to much even if I wanted to. This is not a review either, like I said I’m only 200 pages into it.

I’ve been a Harry fan ever since reading the first book, and have anticipated the release of each and every one of them. I was very skeptical when the movies were announced, not sure if they would fill the big boots the books had been wearing. But the movies were good too, short of course, but good none the less.

Last night, at 12:01AM, I was at Borders Books waiting for the copy I had reserved for my family to read and trade amongst ourselves. Until this book I had not joined in any of the “mania” surrounding the books, minus the fact I usually bought a copy within the first couple days. This book, The Deathly Hallows, was more significant though, being the last of the series. So I felt like I need to at least experience the whole thing.
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