Book Review: Heart Of The Revolution

“Heart Of The Revolution”
Written by Noah Levine
Published by Harper One

Appropriately, Noah Levine’s third book is less of a memoir than the first two. His previous books, “Dharma Punx” and “Against The Stream” have become staples in the Gen X Buddhist library.

“Dharma Punx”,his first book, was an in depth look at where Noah came from. From his childhood, teen years and into his adult life we see someone who not only blossoms into a beacon of compassion, but someone who bucks the typical idea of what you or I may have of what a Buddhist “should be”. His tattoos and rough exterior are not every day indicators that we are witnessing a true revolutionary lead his troops into battle. That said, his second book “Against The Stream” is consequently subtitled “A Buddhist Manual for Spiritual Revolutionaries”.

“Heart Of The Revolution” is less of a manual per say, but has a very similar tone to “Against The Stream”. He does get into more of the nitty gritty teachings, and explains them in his own way. His line by line break down of the Metta Sutta defies the established meaning, and sheds a different, and less religious light on one of the most important Sutta’s in Buddhism.

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DVD Review: Meditate And Destroy

Meditate And Destroy: A documentary on punk rock, spirituality and inner rebellion
Alive Mind/ Blue Lotus Films

By now, most of us have heard the name Noah Levine. You’ve probably even read one, or both, of his books “Dharma Punx” and “Against The Stream”. You may have even been to a retreat he has run or meditate regularly at his Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (at least those on the West Coast might).

“Meditate and Destroy” is the brainchild of Sarah Fisher, Blue Lotus Films. The documentary follows Noah through various forms of media using some cool footage recorded directly from the online community of Second Life), telling his story of growing up a drunken and drug addled street punk, to his many times in juvenile hall/ incarceration and his growth in learning from those experiences now. If you’ve read the books he’s written, you pretty much know the story that is told, but “Meditate and Destroy” speaks a bit more intimately, as you actually hear and see Noah telling the story.

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