Cyberspy network: Dalai Lama’s office, NATO, governments among targets

From CNN

Nearly 1,300 computers in more than 100 countries have been attacked and have become part of a computer espionage network apparently based in China, security experts alleged in two reports Sunday.

The network was discovered after computers at the Dalai Lama’s office were hacked, researchers say.

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Jerry Brown on Facebook: 25 random things

From the LA Times


That California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown likes arugula and has practiced Zen meditation is no surprise — but duck hunting?

Brown, who recently joined Facebook,  posted his list of  “25 Random Things About Me” Thursday,  divulging not only that his favorite cereal is Flax Plus Multibran but that he also is part owner of a ranch, that he once went duck hunting with the late Chief Justice Earl Warren and that he is still “running” for office. Brown is expected to run for governor to succeed Gov. Schwarzenegger.

Scott Gerber, Brown’s spokesman,  said Brown, 70, banged out the list on his computer Thursday without the knowledge of his staff. He described the list as a “personal” matter for Brown.

“Using Facebook shows he is with the times, and gives the sense that he is doing what thousands of other people in the state are doing, which is filling out these random things and giving others some insight into themselves,” Gerber said.

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Google Opens ‘School of Personal Growth’


With the number of tech-watchers following Google’s every move, it’s almost impossible to get a scoop on the Silicon Valley darling. But one blogger has uncovered a stealth project that Google launched last summer. It was first announced at a San Francisco conference back in November — so why has no one else written about it?

Because the conference was not a tech event but a spirituality seminar called “Happiness and Its Causes” — and the launch was not a new product but the School of Personal Growth at Google University, an in-house education program for company employees.

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Author nun finds new outlet in cellphone fiction

From Reuters

Japan’s best-known Buddhist nun is reaching out to a new audience by writing a mobile phone novel at the age of 86.

Jakucho Setouchi, a prolific writer and translator of 11th century epic romance “The Tale of Genji,” is latching on to a publishing revolution — short works of fiction distributed piecemeal by cellphone often become best-sellers in book form.

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Use this search engine, Ecocho!

When I’m bored and don’t have anything in particular to tend to, I use my StumbleUpon toolbar and find various interesting sites. I “stumbled” on a new search engine, but it’s not just a search engine. For every 1,000 searches done, they supposedly plant 2 trees! If it’s true than it’s a great thing, the little things truly do matter. So you should all start using it. I guess it uses Yahoo as it’s backend search engine.

Here’s the link: Ecocho Search Engine

Second Life Anyone?

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m quite enthralled with Second Life. I’d describe it as a game of sorts, but it really isn’t a game at all. I’d compare it to The Sims but it’s not really like that. So the best way to describe would be to call it what it is, a Second Life.

You virtually create the world you choose to live in. There are people (and various other life forms) of all shapes and sizes. There are fantasy lands, realistic recreations of things and places in RL and tons more. There are live concerts by big bands (U2 once did an exclusive Second Life show).

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Keep Track of Right Now!

nowwatch.jpgI don’t normally mention specific products here but I received an e-mail about something I think is great and could be very helpful to some, especially myself (we all have work to do right?).

Anyway, the item is called the Now Watch. Rather than having numerals all over the face, you get the small hand, big hand and in the background, a constant reminder of what time it really is, now!

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BEWARE – Buddhist Viruses are Lurking on the Web

Professor Richard P. Hayes of McGill University in Canada has compiled a list of known viruses inhabiting Buddhist’s computers. These viruses have been around for thousands of years and they even defy the skills of McAffey. You can visit Professor Hayes at and

THERAVADA TERROR (often packaged in a seemingly innocuous file known as BHIKKHU.BUG): operates by giving ordination to your computer’s CPU. While relatively harmless during the morning hours, this virus has the effect of making your computer refuse to intake or process any hard data after noon.

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Freecycle gears running as smooth as ever!

From The Associated Press – When Laura Gernell heard about a place where people gave away perfectly good things to strangers _ no money changing hands, no questions asked _ she figured it was too good to be true.

But husband Ronald had lost his job as a truck driver and she was temporarily unemployed, at home in a rented, unfurnished apartment with her infant son. With nothing to lose, she joined The Freecycle Network, a Web-based community swap program, and asked if anyone had a sofa to spare.
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