Calming the Fearful Mind

From The American Chronicle
By David Swanson

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who in 1964 was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King, Jr., has published a new book of advice to Americans and to U.S. Congress members called “Calming the Fearful Mind: A Zen Response to Terrorism.”

Hanh’s words of wisdom strike me as potentially of great value for a variety of types of conflict resolution, but of somewhat limited — if still significant — value for Congress or for U.S. foreign policy.

“If Congress doesn’t engage in Right Action,” claims Hanh, “it is because it doesn’t have Right Understanding about the suffering within our own country and in the world.”

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Voters need to look beyond fear when electing leader

From The Statesmen Journal
by Jerry Braza

In the aftermath of the conventions, I recall the Buddhist concept of looking deeply and not to be trapped by just one view. It is time to go beyond ideology and recognize why we are voting.

This election is not about a personality or even party, but something much deeper. Although it is easy to become enamored with a candidate or angered by a person’s background, color or perceived differences, this only blinds us into mindless thinking and the inability to hear the deeper message that they purport.

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WM3 Denied New Trial Despite DNA Evidence That Could Clear Them

Ed. Note – It’s quite a shame that even in the 21st Century people cannot realize when a modern day witch-hunt has occurred. This isn’t Salem, these kids are innocent and they need to be given a chance to scrape together the lives that they have left to live. Technology has proven the innocence, how can a judge make a decision without taking the science into account. This guy should step down!

From The Associated Press

A judge on Wednesday rejected claims that DNA evidence clears three men convicted of killing three 8-year-old boys in 1993 and denied their requests for a new trial.

Lawyers for Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley — known to supporters as the “West Memphis Three” — had argued that new DNA tests would prove their clients’ innocence.

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Boot print on his back: Photographs, video of 17-year-old RNC protester after run-in with police

From Minnesota Independent
By Paul Schmelzer

Melissa Smith-Tourville says her 17-year-old son Keith is a pacifist and “he’d never hurt anyone.” But yesterday he was the target of violence by police, she says: Trying to leave Monday’s march on the Republican National Convention, Keith was wrestled to the ground by five officers, according to his mother, who were “repeatedly kicking, beating, dragging and hitting him.” [Read Smith-Tourville’s account of what happened.] Bloody, he was taken into custody by police for two hours and, his mom says, his release by St. Paul police was in violation of Minnesota law.

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Joe Biden and Burma

From Irrawaddy
By Wai Moe

The Democratic Party senator from Delaware, Joseph R. Biden, has been under the glare of the international media spotlight this week after being nominated as US presidential candidate Barack Obama’s running mate for the US election in November.

Joe Biden is familiar to Burma lobbyists in Washington, DC. As the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he has been prominent in the shaping of US policy on Burma in recent years, say observers in the US capital.

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