A Place to Mellow Out, Without Losing Your Edge

From The New York Times


Every week, dozens of people, usually young and artfully scruffy, climb three creaky flights of stairs off this formerly gritty stretch of downtown Manhattan, a block from where CBGB, the hallowed hall of punk, once stood. Often shrouded in hoodies, inked with tattoos and studded with piercings, they look primed for a serious rock show, and perhaps a few related vices. But in a softly lighted loft, in earshot of the traffic’s roar, they instead find a spot on the floor, close their eyes and take long, deep breaths.

Called Dharma Punx, the gathering is part of a nationwide Buddhism-based meditation network that is part Sid Vicious and part Dalai Lama.

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Anger is just like Smoking?

I was re-reading part of the book “Hardcore Zen” by Brad Warner today when I stumbled on the following…

Reacting to anger is an addiction, pure and simple, just like smoking Marlboros. Objectively it takes more resources to keep smoking than to stop. Yet giving it up seems much harder than continuing because you’re addicted.

I swear it hit me like a ton of bricks, being a smoker it hit even harder because I could really understand the addiction side of it. And lately, I’ve been having some issues letting go of anger and or irritation, especially at work.

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Zen and the art of subway riding

From In The Fray Magazine – Focusing on the current moment and not worrying about what comes in the next hour, day, or week is counterintuitive to life in 21st-century New York. (Really, 21st-century anywhere. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that even Easter Island, a place so remote it is 2,500 miles from any other land mass, now has high-speed Internet.) My M.O., I’m embarrassed to say, usually involves something like simultaneously eating dinner with the radio on to hear what’s happening now, watching TV with the sound turned down to get the weather for tomorrow, and reading the newspaper to find out what happened yesterday.

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Keep Track of Right Now!

nowwatch.jpgI don’t normally mention specific products here but I received an e-mail about something I think is great and could be very helpful to some, especially myself (we all have work to do right?).

Anyway, the item is called the Now Watch. Rather than having numerals all over the face, you get the small hand, big hand and in the background, a constant reminder of what time it really is, now!

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Everything Zen for QB Brady

Ed. Note: Yeah this article is not the average post you’ll see here, but I enjoyed it and some of the comparisons thrown around about mindfulness. Maybe there is a lesson here folks, you’ll just have to read and find out. Oh yeah, I am of course a Patriots fan, I was born and raised in Massachusetts, it would be treason if I wasn’t a fan! :)

From Boston Herald – It no longer does the trick for sportswriters to fire up the laptop and compare Tom Brady [stats] to Dan Marino or Joe Montana or John Elway or Johnny Unitas or Fran Tarkenton or whatever other legendary quarterback happens to come to mind.

No, instead we have media types asking Brady about Zen.
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Bindi Irwin meets the Dalai Lama

(Editors Note: I was very excited to read this story, and glad the Dalai Lama took some time to meet with Bindi Irwin (daughter of the late Steve Irwin). Even the Dalai Lama has seen how important this girls life is going to be. Bindi Irwin is keeping very close to the legacy her father left, selflessly caring for animals. She is an inspiration to us all, whether we realize it or not. She will go on to do great things, I guarantee it!)


Story from : http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21897970-421,00.html

ABOUT 5000 people gathered at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast today for a talk by the Dalai Lama.
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Noah Levine on Cape Cod

This past Saturday, May 26th ’07, I attended an event hosted at a local yoga studio, The Sanctuary of Cape Cod. I was actually quite lucky to even know about the event. I had no idea it was happening, I stumbled upon it a few weeks back.

Noah Levine, author of “Dharma Punx” and his new book “Against The Stream”, came to studio to teach a class and some guided meditation. Earlier in the day he had taught up at the Plymouth location of The Sanctuary. There were 30+ somewhat people at the Plymouth class, only about 10 at the Cape Cod one. But, the class still went on. I arrived 10 minutes early, thinking I was actually going to be late due to the amount of traffic on the roads of Cape Cod on Memorial Day weekend (which is insane if you’ve never been here around this time). The 10 people at the class were so different from each other, meaning from all walks of life, it was nice to share the same room with them. It showed right off the bat that Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha effect us all in one way or another.
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