Thai Buddhist’s response to AIDS

From Radio Netherlands – Thailand is one of the countries in Asia that has been hardest hit by the AIDS pandemic. Initially, the government was slow to respond. But in 1991, the authorities made AIDS control and prevention a national priority at the highest level. They have received a great deal of support from one group in particular: Buddhist monks.
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Happy New Year 2008

As the New Year is being celebrated today, and has already begun in certain parts of the world, I wish you all a happy and healthy 2008! It is my wish and hope that all conflicts, including and not exclusive to Burma, Tibet, Iraq, Darfur, Thailand and Pakistan, not only be resolved but in such a manner that ends the suffering of all beings involved.

It is also my wish to continue to pursue the path of liberation to free all sentient beings from suffering.
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Dharamsala project to test Tibetan meditations efficacy against PTSD

From ANI – Researchers at Miami and Ohio State universities are carrying out a research to determine the benefits that victims of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may derive from Tibetan meditation.

The researchers are studying a test group in Columbus, Ohio, to determine the use of an ancient technique in tackling a modern problem.
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My nominee for Inspiration of the Year!

I don’t remember how I got to this video but while perusing, as Bush calls it, the internets– I stumbled onto the true bit of inspiration and achievement. It is a brief talk from Nick Vujicic, it’s part 1 in a series of 3 videos, I’m only posting the 1st one here though (you’ll have to YouTube for the others). Nick was born with no arms and legs. Based on my brief research, he travels around as a motivational speaker. His stories have alot of Christian Faith overtones, but that’s not exactly why I posted the video. I posted it to show you how a man, “born with no limbs”, can change into a man “with no limits”. I stole that from Nick, as you’ll see after watching. Sorry if this has been around a while… I’m just now catching on to it.

An Open Letter from Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, and Sharon Salzberg

Dear Friends,

We are writing to ask your support for two beloved friends of ours, Stephen and Ondrea Levine. They are currently facing significant difficulty. After a life-time of giving, they are now at a time to receive from those of us whose lives have been touched by their presence and teaching.

Their greatest needs are financial. Ondrea has Leukemia and the costs of her insurance and treatment have used up their savings. Stephen’s health is not good either, and he is too frail to travel or teach. When we heard about this, we felt moved to contribute to a fund set up for them, and to encourage others to do the same.
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I quit the cancer treatment and got better my own way

Ed Note. Truly an inspiring story. I’m sure her methods won’t work for everyone, but it gives her hope and that is great!

By Willie Dillon, Independent
Dublin, Ireland — Two years ago, Alison Kelly was at death’s door. She had initially been told the lump on her left breast was benign and not to lose a night’s sleep over it. Subsequently, she was found to have advanced-stage cancer and underwent a mastectomy.

But it wasn’t the disease, she believed, that was in danger of killing her; it was the cure. After suffering a profoundly negative reaction to chemotherapy, the 47-year-old Drogheda woman did something that most cancer patients wouldn’t contemplate.
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China firm cans toxic tinned meat

From the BBC – One of China’s best-known food companies has halted exports of all tinned food, after toxic chemicals were found in canned meat products.

Food safety officials in Hong Kong have discovered a banned antibiotic, nitrofurans, in tins of Maling brand pork luncheon meat and pork ribs.

It is the latest scare over the safety of Chinese exports.
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