Lessons in happiness

From BBC

At Wellington College, they take a very enlightened approach to the everyday anger and stress some of their pupils may feel on occasions. BBC Berkshire spoke to one of their teachers to find out more.

It’s not just adults who suffer from pent-up anger. The stresses and strains of modern day life affect school children too.

For the last two years, Ian Morris has been giving pupils at Wellington College in Crowthorne ‘well being and happiness’ classes.

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Enviro-buddies set ‘green’ example

Ed. Note – I am proud to say my daughter is part of the group which is written about in the article below. She has become very environmentally conscious and compassionate to animals and other wildlife. As the article says, her group was selected to meet Jane Goodall this year, which was very exciting for her.

From WickedLocal – Planting a salsa garden is just one of the projects Mattacheese Middle School student members of Enviro-buddies have pioneered this year.
“We also recycle paper and cardboard, collecting cans for redemption,” said JoAnna Watson, the group’s adviser.

In June, club members will sell 50 tomato, pepper, onion and cilantro plants and donate the proceeds to Jane Goodall’s Rebirth the Earth, which buys trees for nurseries in Tanzania.

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Placing the pressure on parents to ensure their children’s success

Ed note. – Here in the US we are so quick to blame the parents when something goes wrong with our kids, or they do something horrendous and unfathomable. Seems to me, in the article below, that parents in Thailand are setting fire to a new trail. It’s called taking an interest in our childrens education. Maybe we should all try it?

by SIRIKUL BUNNAG, Bangkok Post

Nannapas Khamchan, 14, reads a child-raising manual with her mother Ueamporn Piew-ngam, 39, who was attending a twice-yearly class to brush up on parenting skills at Mathayom Thanbin Kamphaeng Saen school.
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