Conway peace activist to get award from Dalai Lama

From The Recorder
by Richard Davis

Longtime peace activist Paula Green has been selected as one of the ‘Unsung Heroes of Compassion’ to be honored next April by the Dalai Lama.

The award, made to ‘individuals who, through their loving kindness and service to others, have made their communities and our world a better place,’ is scheduled to be given by the Tibetan Buddhist leader at an April 26 ceremony in San Francisco. The award is given annually by the California-based nonprofit organization ‘Wisdom in Action.’

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New Page “Take Action”

Well, added a new page. Rather than clutter some of the sidebars I figured I’d consolidate a bit. The page is for various things we can all do to help different causes, whether it’s signing an online petition, sending out e-mails, etc.

If you have a cause that you think should be added, comment either on this post or on the page and I will add it. Thanks and hopefully you can take some time to “take action” on some of the links that are already on the page!

Lama To Bless Critically Ill Cats

From The Boston Channel – A Tibetan Lama will bless critically ill cats, including an animal that was allegedly placed in a microwave, at MSPCA-Angell Boston Tuesday.

Three of the animals to be blessed by Lama Gursam are enduring severe medical trauma. Zorro survived a South Boston apartment fire last week and is continuing to heal at Angell Animal Medical Center.

Newton arrived at Angell following a three-story fall. The young kitten, not more than 6 weeks old, was surrendered to the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center battered and bruised.

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Singing nun raises money for Nepal

From Reuters – Buddhist nun, Ani Choying Dolma, a 37-year-old Tibetan-Nepali known as Nepal’s “singing nun”, has soared to global fame with her eight albums of Tibetan and Sanskrit meditation songs.

The income from her CD sales has helped Dolma build the Arya Tara School, which has 58 students drawn from poor Nepali families, including some from neighbouring India and Tibet. Dolma wants to set up a kidney transplantation hospital in Kathmandu in the memory of her mother, who died of kidney problems.

With audiences across Europe, Asia and the United States and more concerts planned in Germany this year, Ani might just achieve her dream.

Zen Village owner envisions free yoga lessons for seniors

From Miami Herald – Master Chufei Tsai stands over a group of two dozen kindergartners at the Barnyard Community Center in the West Grove on a Wednesday afternoon.

Together, they hold up their fingers and intonate ”OM.” Under Tsai’s instructions, their tiny bodies shift into yoga poses.

”We have very aggressive children,” says Sylvia Jordan, director of the center. “This calms them down.”

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Orphans seek shelter at pagoda

From VietNamNet Bridge – In the late afternoon, in the yard of Bo De pagoda in Gia Lam district, Hanoi, a group of children were playing. Some small babies wearing brown clothes were toddling. They are orphans seeking shelter.

These children live in an old house at the back of the pagoda. Inside, there is around 40sq.mand camp beds are arranged in a row, leaving a small path. The furniture in the room is very old. The room is littered with clothes and napkins.

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Kevin Rudd receives praise from Dalai Lama

From: – Kevin Rudd didn’t only win over Australians with his apology to Aboriginal people: he earned the praise of one of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders – the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama was so tickled-pink with the new prime minister’s commitment to reconciliation, Mr Rudd’s office received a letter outlining the Buddhist leader’s approval.

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