Why So Serious?!?

Whew… all sorts of drama up in the dharma here lately.

Time to relax… chill out man!

Yeah, this has passed around the net a bit, but it’s good to refer to once in a while, to just watch and laugh a bit.

Arj doesn’t take himself so serious, why are you?

Buddhist Builders

From The Telegraph
By Rosie Milne

You know that old chestnut about moving being almost as stressful as divorce or bereavement? I simply can’t let myself believe it, or I’d crack up.

So far in my life, the longest I’ve ever lived in one house is four years, and in the last 10 years I’ve lived in three countries with lengthy sojourns in two others. Amongst expats there is nothing unusual about this.

Hubby – and yes it is still usually Hubby – gets posted from Hong Kong to Houston, or from Jakarta to Rio de Janeiro, or from Beijing to New York, and Dear Little Wifey packs the bags and off everybody goes.

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What is this?

The following text was taken from a book by Mark Epstein called “Thoughts without a thinker” and was found at: http://www.serve.com/cmtan/buddhism/Lighter/twomasters.html

In the early days of my interest in Buddhism and psychology,I was given a particularly vivid demonstation of how difficult it was going to be to forge an integration between the two. Some friends of mine had arranged for an encounter between two prominent visiting Buddhist teachers at the house of a Harvard University psychology professor. These were teachers from two distinctly different Buddhist traditions who had never met and whose traditions had in fact had very little contact over the past thousand years. Before the worlds of Buddhism and Western psychology could come together, the various strands of Buddhism would have to encounter one another. We were to witness the first such dialogue.
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