Tibetans executed in China over riots last year

This is just making the rounds on major news sites, the news is not “new” but to the mainstream it is. Those of us aware of the Tibetan issues have known for days through groups such as Students For A Free Tibet and International Campaign for Tibet. I have been meaning to post for days, thanks Todd for the reminder! Story on executions here and here

Sit Down, Rise Up 24 Hour Meditation Marathon

On November 6th and 7th, the ID Project will be hosting their largest fundraiser to date in the form of a 24- hour Meditation Marathon in the window displays of ABC Carpet & Home in NYC. They are aiming to raise funds for the organization to develop as a true community center, develop a radio show, and develop their activism projects in the coming year. They also need additional support in order to raise funds for the organization to continue providing great classes, events and projects for the upcoming year, and expand the scope of their transformative community.

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Buddhist monks plan peaceful protests during G-20

From The Tribune-Review via Phayul

Dozens of Buddhist monks are coming to Pittsburgh for a week of peaceful protests during the Group of 20 summit.

When “Uprising” anarchists and other activists take to the streets for an unpermitted march toward the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Thursday, monks and laypeople from Burma and Tibet will be strolling Downtown, in the North Side and in Oakland, to draw attention to the suffering of people living under dictators.

“We will pray,” said Ashin Nayaka, a monk in the International Burmese Monks Organization. “We will pray for the people in Burma. We will sit in meditation. We will march peacefully, and we will ask the leaders to help us change Burma.”

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His Holiness slippin’ down the slopes…?

Very interesting post here, coming from the Tricycle Blog, via The Elephant Journal. It’s an ad campaign featuring some of the world’s most recognized “spiritual” activists. As seen by the photo to your right, what we do if His Holiness decided to just spend his time on the slopes, or if Gandhi decided to just grill on the barbecue, or even if Mandela said forget it all, I’m going surfing??

Not that these activities are bad, don’t get me wrong here, we all need a break. But what if the figures took a break completely and never got involved? Where would we be? Who would have inspired the world to fight Apartheid in Africa, to free India from British rule with non-violence as the driving force or to constantly spread kindness and compassion for all beings worldwide?

His Holiness supports the Sea Shepherds?

I was surfing around on the Sea Shepherds website and found a letter from 1998 from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in support of what they are doing.

Anyone who watches Whales Wars on Animal Planet knows who the Sea Shepherds are. For those who don’t, The Sea Shepherds are an all volunteer organization led by Captain Paul Watson. The show follows the Sea Shepherds on various missions to try and protect whales, in whale sanctuaries, from whaling forces such as the Japanese Whaling Fleet. The Sea Shepherds approach is always non-violent, can’t say the same for the whalers though. If you haven’t watched the show, you should check it out Friday nights, I watch it all the time!

64 Words for Aung San Suu Kyi

I took a moment to write my 64 words in support of Aung San Suu Kyi, you should too!

The Lady once said “Please use your liberty to promote ours.” It’s time the world use that very liberty she spoke of to free Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma, enough is enough. Her non-violent struggle is awe inspiring and reminiscent of greats such as Gandhi and MLK. We owe her this moment and much more. Free Aung San Suu Kyi.

Blasts rock Tibetan area as China ups security

From Yahoo

Authorities closed the last window into a restive Tibetan region in western China on Monday, tightening its security cordon on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the failed uprising that sent the Dalai Lama into exile.

Beijing is trying to head off trouble around March 10, which marks the start of the 1959 abortive Tibetan revolt against Chinese rule. A peaceful commemoration last year by monks in Lhasa, Tibet’s regional capital, erupted into anti-Chinese rioting four days later and spread to surrounding provinces — the most sustained and violent demonstrations by Tibetans in decades.

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Mormons well-served by self-reliance in hard times

Reading this at this time in our history, I can only agree that we all need to be more self reliant and also look at the ones that are less prepared than we are for the current times. A few years ago my area was struck by several major hurricanes. I was okay and prepared. I looked out for others in my area that needed help and did my best to assist them. I worked with the county to go to a local retirement community. We went door to door and checked on each resident. Most seemed, okay they were assisting the ones less able to care for themselves.

Whether it is time of natural disasters or man made economic ones, the ones that are prepared should look to the ones that are not and offer assistance.