I’ve always had this perspective that folks that go to a gym were “meatheads”. You know, the “Lift things up and put them down” type? Or, that they were all gerbils running round and round on the treadmill, climbing the stairs that never actually go anywhere or were shuffling away on an elliptical without a destination in mind. While I can’t say 100% I was wrong, but I will admit, for the most part, I am dead wrong.

I’ve regularly been going to a gym. It was daunting at first, being all of 140lbs at 5′ 5″. A good cross section of the members dwarfed me in size, but I was/am there for one goal. I am looking to not only get my body in shape, so I feel better physically, but mentally as well. I would love to add a few pounds, maybe, just maybe not worry about what my skinny ass looks like when I go to the beach with my kids in the summer.

Guess what, those “meatheads” and “gerbils” are there to do the same thing! Maybe some of those “meatheads” put off that they have the mental aptitude of a raisin, but that doesn’t mean anything more than they are focused on one thing, building muscle and getting fit. Isn’t that the same thing I’m doing?

Considering some of the statistics on obesity in this country, I think a good section of the people should be awarded for getting their rear ends off the couch. I mean, what are we really projecting out there to the world? How do you want people to view you? Honestly, I don’t care what others think, I’m hard enough on myself, but that’s beside the point I’m trying to make here. The point is, my perspective is changing dramatically, as each day passes. I’ve been rather judgmental my whole life, and am trying to get past that.

I used to look at fit people as being fanatics, a different breed. The fact of the matter is, they are, they are a breed that actually give two shits about their health and are doing something about it. But, they are not only affecting and or inspiring themselves to push on, they are inspiring people like myself. The trickle down is that our children, I hope, see the way we are treating ourselves and might actually mimic that. I know my kids would rather stay home and play the Wii all day, but they need to remain active. What better way than to show them that path?

This past weekend I went to an expo and volunteered some time for the Spartan Race, who had set up a booth. Everyone was getting people into it, talking it up, etc. My boys were passing out info, talking up the fact they were signed up for the Jr Spartan Race, they also hit the deck and were doing burpees. You can easily google that! At the booth we threw out a challenge to those walking by to do as many burpees in 2 minutes and they would win a free race. Anyway… after the race the Street Team Director for the Spartan Race made my boys honorary members of the Street Team, and said they had inspired him to set up an exclusive Street Team just for Jr Spartan Race participants. This made my boys glow, smiles from ear to ear!! It’s the little things.

Maybe someday someone might call me a “gerbil” or “part of the machine”, I doubt they will call me a “meathead” at my size. But, I am ok with that. Because I feel good about myself, my body is no longer crying out for exercise, quite the opposite. It embraces the suck it goes through. It might complain the next day, but it, and I, love every minute of it. See you later, off to the gym now….


  1. Thanks Kris, I appreciate it. It feels good. Need to find some balance though… it’s either the mind, or the body, need to figure a way to meet in the middle or the other suffers.

  2. This is great to hear Nate! Best of luck with your goals. I’m far from an expert, but if I can offer any assistance please let me know.

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