“But I Can’t Even Do Splits”

Ed. Note: This is a great guest post by my new friend, Allie Brooks. Allie went to the University of Mississippi and earned her degree in biomedical anthropology. She is now enforcing her hard work to field studies regarding the effects of biomedicalization of traditional healing practices in Bolivia. Being an inexperienced yoga dude, I appreciate and thank her for this piece. Hopefully you are inspired by the message.

As The New Year Approaches:
Try something new to have fun and get fit

Every December and January, the same talks get discussed; New Year’s Resolutions. You promise yourself to go to the gym, lose weight, don’t eat chocolate, it’s the same ole same ole. Many of times the reasons why these promises do not get fulfilled is because you get bored half way through and even the sight of a gym makes you turn the other way. That is why you need to adopt a program that is fun, relaxing, and intense. This is why yoga is the perfect solution to any resolution. I know I know, you are thinking, “but I can’t even do the splits” that is why yoga is perfect. There are so many forms of yoga that there is one out there for you. Trust me.

One form that is fun and different is AntiGravity yoga. And no, you do not get perform yoga in spacesuits or in zero G, for all you “trekkies” but you do get to hang and stretch on a silky hammock.  This very physically intense yoga and is a great way to get tone, really work that upper body, and revitalize the mind-body connection. AntiGravity yoga combines Pilates, dance, calisthenics, and acrobatics with traditional asanas to create a fun alternative yoga.

AcroYoga is another alternative yoga that combines the roles of acrobatics with yoga. This is a great way to set a goal with a partner, since the poses rely on the cooperation of two people (the base and the flyer).  The postures and poses of AcroYoga are very intense but offer great results. Not only do practitioners build muscle and tone up, they rejuvenate the body’s energy. This is also a great yoga to do with children.

Another good stress reliever and resolution-setter is laughter yoga. This alternative form of yoga is becoming very prominent in studios and nursing homes around the country. Since it has been documented to alleviate depression, many elderly patients have adopted as well as people with aggressive cancer diagnoses, like a non-hodgkin’s lymphoma or mesothelioma prognosis. Since there are not many poses involved with laughter yoga, the mental and spiritual aspects are compared to traditional asanas. It is great for people that just need a stress relief and are not into physically intense movements.

So as the New Year rolls on in, step out and try something new. Maybe this year you will keep to your promises!

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