Samsara and beyond

As you’ve noticed, it’s been a while since I posted anything. Well, to be honest, samsara is kicking my rear end. Dukkha isn’t being so nice either, not that I expect it to.

My practice as of late is beyond sufferable. I have not sat in over a month. I’ve barely mumbled a mantra.

I’ve been trying to fall back on the things I’ve learned, in the face of some things that are going on, and they have worked, minutely at best. Things are looking up though, and there may be some relief in sight.

I am working on a larger piece, and hope to have it up in a few days. So until then, just wanted to check in and say, see ya soon!

ps. This is not a sympathy post, not looking for any nor do I want any. Thanks though!


  1. Perhaps I am wrong, but sometimes being swept about by the tides of samsara, recognizing it as such, and experiencing the sufferring directly is practice enough. It’s when one fights to deny that this is your current state, or abusing yourself because of it, that the true problems (attachment) arise…

    “Enjoy” your time at sea… I look forward to your return ashore.


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