Some Time Away

As I work through this thing we all call a practice, I’m coming to terms with some of the things I would love to cling less too. The internet, and social media are a couple of those things. I spend way to much time here, online.

It’s part of my chemical make up that I get so involved in something. I’ve always been that way. When I felt passionate about an interest, I immerse myself in it. Not that I am overly passionate about the internet, but I do enjoy the comraderie of the online community. That’s the hook, and it’s been set in for a while.

So I am taking some time off from internet land, mainly from social media such as Twitter and Facebook. I will from time to time be posting here. I think it may come down to one post a week, with some books reviews sprinkled in. I’ve been reading some great new books and can’t wait to share some words on them with you all. This weekend will see a review or two hit the blog.

This in no way means Precious Metal is disappearing. If anything, it will become more focused. I have enjoyed writing this blog since day one, which was sometime in April of 2007. This blog will continue on as long as people keep coming back. For that, I am deeply appreciative.



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