Food Review: Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage

Firstly, I’ve been looking for months for this product. I’ve been to the major supermarkets, some of the local natural food stores but ventured a bit farther than normal to one about 30 minutes away. I found the Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage at Cape Cod Natural Foods… found a whole bunch of other stuff as well, I’ll be making the trip back most definitely.

Onto the sausages…

Wow! These have to be the tastiest faux sausages I have eaten to date, hands down. Other companies have tried to match the flavor and consistency of sausage, and though a few have been close, nothing compares to these. It has to be in the ingredients, which are filtered water, wheat protein (vital gluten flour), expeller pressed, high oleic safflower oil, Yukon gold potatoes, non-sulfured Washington state dried apples, yeast extract, onion powder, barley malt extract, fresh garlic, torula yeast, natural liquid smoke flavor, black pepper, spices, rubbed sage. Don’t forget the fact each link has 26g of protein, that’s huge!

The potatoes have to be the biggest kicker here as they add a texture to the sausages that is remarkable. The apple and sage are not overpowering, as a matter of fact they are very subtle and don’t take away from the fact they are trying to make this a sausage like product.

I cooked up a link, of course after peeling away the plastic casing, in a pan with a little oil. I browned em up on all sides, tossed it bare on a plate and grabbed a fork and knife. The knife was not necessary, the link was soft enough to be “cut” by the edge of the fork. I popped in a bite and was blown away. These could easily become a staple in my diet, if it weren’t for the fact they are a little bit pricey compared to other vegetarian meat alternative products.

I wanted to see just how similar they were to the real deal so I dunked the next bite in a little mustard and again, blown away. The texture, flavor and consistency was so close, with a little pepper and onion in a roll this could fool the most avid carnivore. Not sure what I’ll do with the 3 links that are left but they won’t be hanging around too long, I know that much. I am really looking forward to trying other Field Roast products!!


  1. These *are* a staple in our home and we just bite the bullet, so to speak, re: the price. I grind up the Chipotle flavored ones and use them in my tofu scramble burritos – perfection. The Italian flavored ones are so on the money, brown them and put them into any pasta dish for authentic Italian cuisine. I use the apple flavor with crepes and all things breakfast.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. We here at Field Roast are proud of the products we make and are glad to say we don’t try to imitate. We are committed to making products that we enjoy and love and making them in an artisan style. I’m sure the sausage equipment manufactures never thought they’d see the day that their machines were pumping out vegan sausages for the masses. Happy eating and be sure to try some of our other sausages and deli slices. They’re great on the grill and summer is almost here!

  3. I’d probably eat em more frequently if the price was lower. I did notice on the Field Roast site they suggest a certain price for retailers. The place I got these was $1 over the MSRP.

  4. Seeeee – we vegans aren’t total idiots. XD Nummies like this are kinda the equivalent of “Come to the dark side – we have cookies.”

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