Food Review: MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime Veggie Burgers

There are a plethora of veggie burgers out there. It can be quite overwhelming actually. Years ago I tried to go vegetarian, before this current “try”, and I bought a lot of MorningStar products as they seemed to be the most readily available.

These MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime Veggie Burgers burgers are awesome, and the closest so far to real meat that I’ve tried. That may or may not be your goal, but sometimes I have the craving for something as close as possible.

The texture is great, and being a veggie burger, has none of the gristle of meat. One of the reasons I went vegetarian is because of all that gristle, it got to the point I would get sick whenever that stuff found it’s way into my mouth while eating a burger.

The flavor is good too, there’s a nice smoky flavor and no weird manufactured aftertaste I’ve found in a few veggie burgers. If you are looking for the closest to the real thing as possible, or just an overall tasty veggie burger, the Grillers Prime from MorningStar ought to satisfy the toughest palates.


  1. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of veggies and a little meat, cheese, milk etc…But I bought these to try and OMG, I seriously can’t tell the difference. I have tried other veggie burgers and while they tasted different, they were still good, but these taste just like a real burger (at least to me)……I was shocked

  2. Bringing it back… keeping the food reviews on PM but will cross post them to “The Verdict Is In”. Instead of creating a new site/ group, why not just join me? We can see if others want to come on board from time to time.

  3. Hey what happened to the posterous site??

    I was thinking of doing a group blog for recipes and food reviews, myself.

    I make a lot “texan” recipes that are veganized mismashes of some of my favorite barbeque and southern style food. I’ve got a lot to get through and I’ve got some that are other places that I’d like to get there.

    E-mail me and we’ll talk. I liked the Verdict is in… as a Title. Cool idea.

    Gassho, brother.


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