Food Review: Lightlife Smart Deli Turkey

After trying Lightlife’s Smart Deli Bologna I knew I’d have to try the other deli products. Lightlife’s Smart Deli Turkey is a great alternative to real turkey. Not only does it have the texture, but also the flavor of regular turkey.

I’ve been on a big hummus kick lately and have been using some spinach and artichoke hummus on everything, I figured the Lightlife Smart Deli Turkey would be a perfect match. So I spread some hummus on both sides of the bread (whole grain wheat), some cheese on both sides and some loose leaf spinach. In went 3 slices of the turkey and it was lunch time. Yeah, I was right, it all worked well together and Ive had the sandwich a couple times since making this one. Mmmmm

I didn’t try this on its own, Ive never been someone who enjoys deli meats, or alternatives for that matter, on their own. So I can’t give you an opinion one way or another, but in the sandwich it couldn’t have tasted better for not being the “real deal”.

I’m extremely grateful to companies like Lightlife that have been making it easier for those converting from a meat diet to a veggie diet. They’ve been doing it for a long time and it shows in their products.


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