Floored by Gratitude

Gratitude, defined, is as follows:

[grat-i-tood, -tyood]
the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

Gratitude brought me to my knees today. I sat amongst my co-workers enjoying our Christmas Party, and the large meal that was provided by the company we work for. It was held at a local restaurant, which is a higher end place, but is simply just a restaurant in the end.

As I sat there, I truly realized how blessed I am.

I may not be rich, but there is a roof over my wife and children’s heads, there is food in their bellies. Material or not, the things that they want and need, for the most part, they have. Of course I don’t live a life of excess, nor do they, but they are happy, as am I.

I looked around the room and realized how fortunate I am.

I have a job. It’s not the best job in the world, it’s hard work sometimes, but I truly enjoy it and am glad my path has taken me here. It pays the bills, and like I said, what my family needs they have.

As I walked out of the room, on my way home, I was truly honored to be where I am.

From my wife, to my kids, to my job, to my parents, to my sister and brothers, to my friends, to my co-workers, to YOU I am so grateful. I am truly floored and overwhelmed with this gratitude.

A lot of folks says things like “things could be better” but that’s not it. I say “things could be worse”, it’s time to count your blessings, I am trying!

As I felt all of this and was trying to take it in, what was most overwhelming is where I could have been. This job came to me just after being laid off, due to this recession. It was a major shift in my skill set, but I set my eyes on this knowing it would be a long standing job, the cable industry isn’t going anywhere, at least that I know of.

What I’m getting at here is I am so grateful to each and every damned moment I can take this breath, and then this one. I am grateful for it all.

I’m rambling now… thank you drive thru….


  1. nope, just one of those random moments…

    I think what brought it on was realizing how lucky I am to be where I am. There are tons of worse situations to be in, and even though I struggle with this “life”, it could be a lot worse.

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