Food Review: Lightlife Smart Deli Bologna

I was extremely psyched to find this item. I’ve been getting sick of peanut butter and jellies, peanut butter with bananas, hummus with spinach & cheese and cold grilled cheese sandwiches in my lunch for work. I knew there were alternatives to deli meat, but some can get pricey.

Lightlife’s Smart Deli Bologna is very cost effective, and the amount of servings in the package lasted me a good amount of time.

Let me say this, I never really liked bologna. My mom would buy it when I was a kid, slap a little cheese and mustard in between some slices of bread and bam, that was that and I had to eat it. I knew where bologna came from, I knew how disgusting it was, but it’s what my mom put in front of me so it’s what I ate.

So when I got this home, and made my first “bologna” sandwich I slathered some mustard on the bread, added some cheese and for good measure, added some spinach leafs. I was transported back to my childhood, but rather than feeling disgusted and repulsed at the processed meat product of old, this was something new. I enjoyed the taste, not only for the nostalgic reason, but because I knew where it came from.

Bologna has a very distinguishable flavor to it, I thought it would never be replicated. Lightlife has done a great job in mimicking the flavor and texture. I’m still amazed that this was not meat.

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