Busy, busy… yeah ok, not really

Sorry to my regular readers. I’ve been pretty busy lately. This time of year always does it to me.

The next few days here on PM there will be a couple new book reviews and hopefully a post about the “preciousness” of human life as experienced in a near accident I had a few days ago. Will explain later, but have been contemplating this quote re: the whole situation…

“Now when the bardo of this life is dawning upon me,
I will abandon laziness for which life has no time,
Enter, undistracted, the path of listening and hearing, reflection and contemplation, and meditation,
Making perceptions and mind the path, and realize the “three kayas”: the enlightened mind;
Now that l have once attained a human body,
There is no time on the path for the mind to wander.”
~ Padmasambhava

One Comment

  1. Well, Nate I am glad you are getting a new lease on this planet . . . :)

    Amazing how we ‘need’ to be waken up sometimes to fully get it! I find volunteering at Zen Hospice to be a great reminder that way.



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