Time out!!!

I attended a refresher course today at work. It seems that my numbers as far as rework goes, on phone installations and trouble calls, have spiked. My boss, always looking out for his crew, placed me into the course thinking it would be a good way to try to see what I was doing wrong, or what I was missing.

It got me to thinking of my practice and my life.

My job has this credo of sorts, not the actual “credo” of the company, but they say that we should concentrate on the job at hand, not the next, or the next one after that, and so on. I know that this is a big part of my problem at work, I am always stressed out about getting to the next one on time. I am so worried about my numbers concerning being late to the next job, I am neglecting the fact that my rework numbers are escalating. I’m not paying attention to the details I need to.

Alot of this could be said about my personal life, outside of work, and of my practice. I am always going, going, like the Energizer bunny. I rarely take a moment to stop, see what is going on, concerned about what is going to go on. Whether it’s simple things like getting dinner on the table, bathing the boys, making time to sit and practice, etc. Going and going…

Today’s class reminded me of the importance of taking the time to chill out. It’s been said recently that things like multi-tasking do more harm than good, and I could very well be a by-product of that theory.  Taking a class like I did, reminds me that it is ok to stop, to take my time with what I am doing and make sure that the “mission” at hand is accomplished.

As I’ve mentioned before, recently I took on a ngöndro practice. While it hasn’t completely overwhelmed me, I have felt at times like it is taking over. Today though, after the class, at dinner time I took my time and just dealt with dinner. The boys needed a bath afterward, but instead of stressing out about it following “my” schedule we just did it and got it done. Bedtime went off without a hitch (we read “Moody Cow Meditates”). I went ahead with my practice and was open to it, not feeling like I had to do it.

Not sure how this may help anyone else, but I know that by taking the time to just do the things I normally do, instead of having to do them, my stress level decreased drastically, at least for today. Who knows what tomorrow might bring, but with a little more attentiveness and relaxedness things could become alot less stressful and more fluid in my work and my life!


  1. I think it’s really “easy” to pay attention to the breath when sitting and be in that moment. when your battery dies and after jumping it you have to go drive on the highway at 6:30 am to recharge it it’s really really hard to pay attention to the moment the driving the the blazing red clouds, the acid level of blue in the sky ,because after all, I had thirty other things to do before 7 AM then re-charge a stupid battery.

  2. I totally agree. Things get way more stressful when I’ve tried to squeeze in things wherre they won’t work. I begin to feel the “I have to” rather than the way more easily handled “just do it.”

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