I’ve had a few people on Twitter and Facebook ask me what a ngöndro practice is. I’ve mentioned on both sites that I have started one. I asked a Lama to become one of his students and in order to do so, he asked me to start this basic ngöndro.

They do vary depending on the teacher and the lineage, what I was asked to do was 100,000 prostrations (either full or half), 100,000 refuge vows, continue doing the samatha the Lama recently taught and to recite Green Tara mantra when not engaged in any other activity. It has not been simple so far (a few days in and I’m only at 1,100 of each) , but that’s not really how it is supposed to be. The ngöndro is basically a dedication, it shows the Lama you are serious in receiving his teachings and serious about this path and the goal.

I do not have a concrete understanding of other ngöndro practices, so I am going to link something here for you: Ngöndro Practice Explanation

If you are interested in keeping up with the practice I am engaged in, I post about it via Twitter and you can find me here: @PreciousMetal

I hope the link above helps explain things to those that asked, I hope the information you find is valuable and helpful!  _/|\_


  1. happy ngondro – i skipped ahead to the purification years ago – but finally committed to the prostrations – there is something like strong medecine(sometimes bitter, sometimes invigorating) about the committed daily practice and the physicality of prostrations –

  2. We did an Avalokiteshvara practice on Tues. at DLM which included prostrations. I may have done 50 or more but boy my legs are sore. Good Luck on you practice!!!

  3. Good luck on your ngondro! After 2 years, I’m only at 50,000 prostrations. Ouf!! But there is no question that it is a good test of my discipline and commitment!

    Stick with it. Good things come from it.


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