Book Review: Enough!

Enough!: A Buddhist Approach to Finding Release from Addictive Patterns
by Chonyi Taylor
Published by Snow Lion Publications

“If we want to be free of our addictions, big or little, we have no choice but to work with our own minds. This is not as impossible as it seems… If we want to make an effort to change, we need to be motivated.” ~ Chonyi Taylor

Enough! is a guide for those struggling with addiction, but not only that, those that struggle with habitual actions which lead to addiction. With each chapter/ lesson is a meditative/ contemplative technique to work through the issues we are hoping to resolve.

Being a smoker, I can appreciate what Chonyi has attempted to do here, and am grateful for the advice given. Combining Buddhist practices and Western psychology, “Enough!…”, when used properly, could be a valuable DIY tool to overcoming addiction. This, in no way, means that overcoming addictions can be done solely on your own, but for some it is possible to implement the practices and overcome some of our habits.

Chonyi has written the text in a very accessible manner, although the book is technical at times, it is understandable. Sometimes with a book like this, you need a dictionary close by to comprehend what is be written about, not so much with “Enough!..” though.

The most important part of the book for me was chapter 4, which was about triggers. Like I said, I am smoker, and being able to see the triggers that drive me to smoke, such as getting in and out of the car, after eating a meal, etc may very well help me break this habit. I know it’s bad for me, so why don’t I just quit right? Yeah, it’s not so easy. But, with this book, and the practices, I have a renewed sense that I can overcome this addiction.

If you, or someone you know, is trying to overcome an addiction or habitual pattern I highly recommend this book. For those involved in 12 step programs I think this book will be a valuable tool to integrate into your program. For those that are trying to do it on their own, again, this is a useful book that can very well lead to a successful DIY approach to achieve your goal.

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