Patheos Announces “Buddha” Book Club Discussion

I was asked to participate in a brand new book discussion, based on Deepak Chopra’s “Buddha” over at The book may not be “new”, but the online group is and the idea behind it is fantastic. Many thanks to Dan for dropping a line to make me, and now you, aware of this book discussion group.

I read “Buddha” a couple of years ago, but am re-reading it now on my pc, using the Kindle software for netbooks. For those that have not read the book, until September 21st you can download the e-book free in various formats @ (you’ll see the option to get the e-book under the pic of the cover, either from B&N or from Border’s). The e-book also has some additions that were not in the original text of the book, so I’d recommend downloading it before they pull it.

Although Chopra’s version is more of an embellished story of the Buddha’s life, obviously for more of a novel like read, the core of the Buddha’s real life, as we know it, is in there. It is a nice, quick read, which is helpful so we are enabled to participate in this book discussion.

Below, I’ve posted a snippet of the press release that put out about the book discussion group., the world’s premier online destination for global dialogue on religion and spirituality, today launched a Book Club series for readers curious about exploring faiths and traditions from across the globe.

For a limited time – through Sept. 21, 2010 – readers can receive a free e-book of the first Book Club selection, “Buddha,” at participating e-book retailers.  Visit the Patheos Book Club page for links to participating retailers.

In “Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment,” bestselling author Deepak Chopra brings the Buddha to life in this gripping novel of the young prince who abandoned his inheritance to discover his true calling. This iconic journey changed the world forever, and the truths revealed continue to influence every corner of the globe today.

The launch of the Patheos Book Club is made possible through a sponsorship by HarperOne, publishers of “Buddha.” As part of this sponsorship, interested participants will be entered in a drawing to win a signed, three-book set of Chopra’s books on Jesus, Buddha, and his upcoming novel, “Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet.”

I hope you’ll join me in the discussion as I look forward to participating in it!

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  1. Hey Nate, maybe this would be a good place to clarify the note I sent you about a different bookgroup, meeting “live” in Second Life, discussion via Facebook, to go through Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s “Wings To Awakening”? I think I gave the wrong impression that it was a one-time “talk” but this is actually designed to be a group that meets once a week, reading the book together. It’s not “Buddhism Light” so having a group to talk through it should give us all a better understanding of what’s being said. If you or others are interested, look for the note on the discussion boards in Facebook either in the Skeptical Buddhist group or the Secular Buddhist fan page.

    Here’s a link to the files:

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