Online Meditation Crew?!?

I’m sure by now, those of you who use Twitter, have seen quite a bit of the #OMCru which stand for, you guess it, Online Meditation Crew. For those that haven’t seen the hashtag being used, here’s the low down… (description taken from Online Meditation Crew blog)

The Online Meditation Crew (#OMCru) is a group of individuals who, through the wonders of technology and a common interest in shared practice, have bumped into each other along the path. The purpose of the OMC is to foster the meditation practice of the individual through the support and company of a crew. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along on the journey. You can sit. You can walk. You can snuggle under the covers. Just be one with your meditative practice and one with the Crew in sharing your journey.

So how do you join in with the crew? Simple… join Twitter and follow some members of the crew. At the bottom of this post, there is a list of folks to follow that way it’s easy to find them.

And then, just look out for calls to meditate. Usually you will see a shout out using the #OMCru tag asking anyone if they #wannasit. The shout outs are usually done 15 minutes in advance of the sitting session.

Once the meditation begins you… well… you meditate like you normally do. Usually, folks only meditate for 15 minutes, but if you sit longer feel free, they are no rules to the meditation time wise.

After your session, head back to Twitter and check-out. Anytime you make an announcement or try to grab the attention of the crew make sure to use the hashtag #OMCru.

For more info check out the Online Meditation Crew’s first post “Sitting Together Miles Apart!”

Hope to sit with you soon!!

List of crew members: (there are many more, sorry if I excluded you, I didn’t mean to, just add yourself in the comments please)


  1. I knew you would forget about me! (introduce the sound of violins, pan in for a close-up of crying woman)

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