“It’s Just A Car”

Today, while at work, I stopped into a local store for a drink. Sitting in my van just taking a moment I hear the car next to me start to pull out of it’s spot and then …”SNAP!” The guy heard the sound and pulled out of the spot a bit slower, until I told him “hey, your front bumper is on the ground.”

“My bumper is on the ground?”, he said in shock.

“Yup, it’s definitely on the ground”, I reply.

He is driving a relatively expensive, new Audi. Of course it’s tricked out with the “coolest” accessories. It’s obvious he has some cash. Anyway, at this point he is angry. BUT not at himself, he’s mad at the curb being to high, it’s the curbs fault.

His girlfriend gets out, assesses the situation, and smiles. This nearly send him into a tailspin of anger. His face is flushed and he says, “this is going to cost me money and you think this is funny? How can you laugh about this, my car is f$cked up now.”

Here comes the profound part of this story. She looks at him, still grinning, and says, “Relax, it’s just a car!”

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