This life, this human life, is more important than you think!

I met up with dharma pal Joe Evans this morning at his place in Boston and we went over to Drikung Meditation Center. I have meant to get there for many moons now, today seemed like the opportune time.

What a fantastic, and dharmically inspiring place. Seeing the U.S. Jowo Rinpoche statue was awesome to say the least. Being a “tourist” I of course had to make a purchase from their gift shop, got a great new t-shirt!

Anyway, as it got closer to teaching time we all congregated and sat. After a brief Chenrezig sadhana, and some mantra chanting, the topic of the day was “precious human life”.

We took turns reading from Gampopa’s “The Jewel Ornament Of Liberation.” In the book, Gampopa explains just how rare a precious human life is.

Suppose that this whole world were an ocean and a person threw in a yolk that had only one hole. The yolk would float back and forth in all the four directions. Underneath that ocean is a blind tortoise who lives for thousands of years but who comes above the surface once every one hundred years. It would be very difficult for the tortoise’s head to meet with the yolk’s hole; still, it is possible. To be born in a human life is much more difficult.

It’s amazing how when we need to hear something, there it is. As you’ve read over the past week or so, I’ve had some struggles here and there. They are minor, as I mentioned before, compared to the real deal struggles of other’s, but I faltered for a bit none the less. I took for granted the opportunity this life has given me.

Without wasting any more time, because I can never get that time back, I got to bring this practice of appreciation to fruition. I sit here typing this, hoping for the future, but knowing that it is this present moment that is what matters.

With each moment, it is another moment lost. Another moment shackled by my attachments to this material world. Imprisoned by the grasping at straws.

Wait, after I watch this one more show, after I eat this one more popsicle, after I go outside to have one more cigarette, I’ll get back to it I swear.

That’s horseshit and you know it Nate, get over yourself and get on with this. Stop wasting time, stop worrying about anything else. This ocean will swallow you up, Nate. You not only found the rare hole in the yolk buddy, you made it though, now get to it.

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