“Top 50 Buddhist Blogs” award real? Or, just a stinking pile?

So, not that expected them to be “real”, but the purpose behind the “50 Top Buddhist Blogs” has reared it’s head. David from The Endless Further did some research, which I guess I should have done, but maybe I was so awe-struck by the glittery badges…

Anyway David’s research came up with this bit….

I Googled onlineschools.org and came up with their main site, which has links to contact various educational institutions, also pages like “15 Things You Should Know About Breasts”, “15 Things to Know About Steve Jobs” and “The Facts about Poop.” Okay, that makes me go Hmmm . . .

Next, Googling awardingtheweb.com, I found this at MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis, dated June 16, 2010: “Today I received an email from Awarding the Web congratulating me for making their best of web category. There was just one catch. I had to post their badge on my blog or they would give my spot away.”

Besides the fact their site endorses information about fecal matter, should lead us all to believe, the awards very much resemble… fecal matter. And they stink too!

David goes onto explain the real reason why these folks are giving out the awards, and of course, it’s in the own self interest…

A guy named Robert Archambeau at Samizdat Blog won a award and he checked with a colleague who informed him that it was basically a list to shore up Online School’s credibility as a diploma-mill. Archambeau says, “As it turns out, the awards are sponsored by a consortium of online doctoral programs, some run by for-profit institutions. What’s more, the html code for the badge one is meant to display on one’s blog contains a text link, just below the badge, for a site promoting these programs.”

The secondary purpose of the awards seems to be to drive traffic to the Online Schools website, which is not anything I want to do.  That’s just another form of advertising and I don’t want ads on this blog.

So, the truth behind the “Top 50 Buddhist Blogs” award scam is as relevant as a pile of stinky fecal matter… or poop in laymen terms.

Although I do not mind ads on this site, as a matter of fact, you may see more in the future. BUT(T) they will be relevant to the “theme” behind this blog, not in a self serving way, but in a way to drive traffic to sites I find relevant to said “theme”. I have taken down my “award” and recommend you do as well, as it is serving no purpose except to drive traffic to a site that has no relevance to our little buddho-blogosphere!


  1. actually anyone can just copy the link from the awards page and paste it into their browser…you don’t need clickable links. of course that might save you 2 seconds…

  2. Linda-sama’s idea is not too bad. Unfortunately, the list on the awards site has no active links. The guy at Truth is Within did a great job, and I’m sure it was very tedious, of assembling the list with active links. So if you want to keep the badge posted on your blog, maybe you can link to his list instead. The awards folks may not like that too much, but that’s what they get for trying to hustle everyone. You can find Truth is Within’s list here: http://yuttadhammo.sirimangalo.org/posts/best-buddhist-blog-2010-or-something-like-that/#more-1482

  3. I removed the html code from the badge that led to Online Schools. When clicked, the badge leads to the list and in that way, IMO, it’s a way for people to find out about more Buddhist blogs (as I posted on my blog.)

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