Article (Vlog) Swap, Pairings Announced!!

Pairings announced… see who’s posting a vlog article on your blog….

Some edits made for those that are unable to participate, recheck your pairing please!

First, this didn’t get that many folks interested, maybe they are a little e-scared to be on webcam. :)

Either way, I’m psyched to have guys and gals on board. Here’s the way it’s going to go.

Similar to the 3 article swaps, each person will pick a topic for the person who will be guest hosting a vlog on their site. The rest is simple, setup your webcam and give us the lowdown on your topic. Sound simple enough? I hope so… Here are the pairings!!

Danny is paired with Joshua to make a guest vlog post on his blog.
Justin is paired with Ari to make a guest vlog post on his blog.
Andy is paired with Nate to make a guest vlog post on his blog.
Ari  is paired with Justin to make a guest vlog post on his blog.
Joshua  is paired with Danny to make a guest vlog post on his blog.
Nate  is paired with Andy to make a guest vlog post on his blog.

As usual, please post here so your partner can get in touch with you. In the past I think I set the deadline to early and some folks posted a bit late. So let’s just say two week from now we post, ok? That’ll be the 6th of June, everyone ok with this?

Looking forward to this and can’t wait to see and hear everyone!


  1. Katherine, when this project was originally announced you signed up to participate, no one from this blog e-mailed you to join, it is a volunteer project. You can see your comment/ sign up at

    Unfortunately, this round of the swap involves having a webcam. In the next few months I’m sure another written blog swap will happen, we’d be glad to have you back to participate then if you like!

  2. Howdy Maia! I’m jamesalambert80ATgmailDOTcom.

    You can browse my blog by clicking on my name. I’m honestly not familiar with your stuff so I loook forward to reading your posts and seeing your vlog.

    I’m suprised that John, Adam, Kyle and Shane all opted out of this one. :P

    Thanks brother Nate, I think this one will be fun.

  3. Howdy Ari, pleased to (e)meet you! June 6th works for me :) BuddhistethicsATgmailDOTcom. Please shoot me an email when you can and we’ll chat about topic. Thanks, as always for organizing this, Nate.

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