Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Just a quick thought…

I was listening to NPR today, specifically the show “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”. Peter was talking with Neil Sedaka. For those that don’t know, Sedaka is well known for his hit song “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.”

During the conversation, Peter was busting on Neil a bit, asking how a man who had been married for so long know something about breaking up being hard. After a laugh, Neil says he now sings the song to his grandkids, but has changed a lyric. “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” is how he sings it to them, and it got me thinking….

Waking up IS hard to do!!

As Buddhists, it is one, if not the main, goals we have. To be awake is the ultimate because than we are open to everything. That is not easy though. We can meditate all we want, open our heart as wide as possible but it’s never seems to be enough.

Our ego and habitual impulses refuse to let go. Breaking the circle of samsara can seem daunting, if not unachievable at times. But with due diligence, it can happen. We wouldn’t have embraced this path if it had not worked, at least for one person right?

Waking up is hard to do, yes– but it’s not impossible!

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