Quick note on BP Oil Spill and the Need for Clean Energy

I’ve tried recently to stay out of the whole argument on oil versus alternative energy, etc. Some people are so attached to their view they will argue till their own death. The argument is very polarizing.

I keep using the word argument in order to describe this issue because that’s exactly what it is. Because of the polarization in ideas, and people’s attachments to those beliefs, this thing is in no way, shape or form a discussion. That’s what we need, a civil discussion. I know I am pipe-dreaming (no pun intended), but seriously we need to talk this thing out.

I totally believe that we need to find an alternative to our dependence on oil, not only foreign oil but the oil that is pumped right here in the US. Without being to prideful, I can say this about the area I live, and I hope we lead the way here. I am from Cape Cod and as you know, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar got involved in a 9 year long battle between to adversaries.

Cape Wind has been proposing to build offshore wind turbines to bring clean energy to Cape Cod. The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, and a few other local groups, have been fighting with legal battle after legal battle, to stop Cape Wind. Like I said, this had gone on for 9 years, and finally the feds jumped in to say enough is enough. I had a hunch that this thing would get approved, I mean we do have Obama in office and I believe this guy is trying to pave the way to a brighter, and cleaner future. Sure enough, Cape Wind got it’s approval.

My whole point here is, the way has been lit here folks and it can happen that we have cleaner energy. Cape Wind is just the first step. From what I hear, this has already set off a slew of project ideas all along the East coast. With all the wind in the Gulf, you’d like to think the smart thing to do would be put turbines right there. Let’s get rid of the oil rigs and replace them with rigs that are drawing, and rerouting the energy from brand spanking new turbines.

I believe we have the right man behind the helm of the country right now, and we need to do what we can to keep him around. 4 more years anyone?


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  2. Acftually Texas is largest producer of renewable energy in the country, primarily due to wind.

    There is a huge project going in about 7 miles off of Galveston which will power about 40,000 homes.

    There’s LOTS of onshore and offshore development.

    Here’s one for you:


    The thing is that most of the near-shore wells are nearing the end of the reserves in TX gulf and that well of BP’s (which really wasn’t BP’s just the oil belonged to them) wasn’t in TX or LA waters at all, it was too far from land.

  3. Good writing Nathan! Recently I saw a program in which try pointed out that even the thoughtless emploiment of wind turbines can have a negative effect on the environment/surrounding ecosystem because they actually remove the wind from it by transforming it’s energy. Not that it will actually cause a BP-like disaster, but it shows that you simply just can not take anything from nature just like that. Not even wind :)

  4. The right man behind the helm? The same man who just weeks ago announced expansion of offshore drilling? The man who is fervently pointing fingers at BP, when it is our own government’s loose requirements for these jokers that helped create this mess. This disaster has just begun…this leak could last for months and increase ten fold in discharge. Once it is picked up by the Gulf Stream you can bet that a fair amount of The Atlantic Ocean along with East Coast beaches will be fouled by this poison. I voted for Obama…and I’m taking my vote back. Bailouts and handouts along with pandering to Big Oil a few weeks back is not what I voted for.

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