Weeping Willow: A Poem by Xena

Being a Dad, of course I check up up on my daughter’s Facebook page. Today though, I had nothing to worry about. Xena, my daughter, posted this amazing piece of poetry on her page. I think it’s pretty amazing for a 13 year old to be this thoughtful and deep. So I wanted to share it with all of you!

Weeping Willow
© by Xena DeMontigny

She sits in the clearing,
shading the children at play,
but what does she do,
when it is not day?

She sits in clearing,
housing the sleeping fox,
but what does it do,
under those rocks?

It eats its’ game,
happily filling,
but what does it do,
to impress a dame?

It must want love,
a family of its’ own,
but when it doesn’t find any,
does it seek help from above?

What does above do,
high in the clouds,
but what happens up there,
for me and you?

See the connection?
The world is together,
we all are family,
now and forever?

So all this happens,
starting in the clearing,
but where is the hope,
is it nearing?

And the weeping willow,
what is her place?
Her place is the clearing,
connecting time and space.


  1. This is uncommon for one so young, have you asked her what was her inspiration and what writers she has been reading, this is most precocious. However if it is indeed her work she has a phenomenal future.
    Marcus T.

  2. For Xena, this poem is quite common. She’s been writing like this for years.

    Lately, due to her studies a school, she has been reading alot about the holocaust. This week she is actually giving a plaque to a holocaust survivor, of Auschwitz, at her school.

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