Article Swap Pt. 3: the articles!

Have you posted your guest writers article yet?

If so, please post the link in the comments below. As they are posted, I will do my best throughout the day to create a master list here.

Thank you to all that got involved, again I had a blast writing my article and hope you enjoyed your experience as well.


The Articles…..

Andy of Bayou Buddhists wrote a guest post, The Importance Of A Vow, for Precious Metal

Emily of Peace Ground Zero wrote a guest post , about a passage from the Digha Nikaya, for My Buddha Is Pink

Jomon/ Laura of Nothing To Attain wrote a guest post, Zen and Food, for Zenfant

Al of Open Source Buddha, wrote a guest post on a favorite teacher from a Neopaganistic background for Peace Ground Zero

Justin of American Buddhist Perspective , wrote a guest post, Buddhist Ethics In Political Dialogue, for Dharma Brewing

Shane of Zenfant, wrote a guest post, Zen And The Art Of Dating, for Open Source Buddha

Tanya of Full Contact Enlightenment, wrote a guest post, Dharma Punx Sensibility, What’s That, for The Jizo Chronicles

Richard of My Buddha Is Pink, wrote a guest post about using contemplations on death as a part of his practice, for Full Contact Enlightenment

Danny of, recorded a vlog (?) addressing some questions posed to him about Buddhist Chaplaincy, for American Buddhist Perspective

Maia of the Jizo Chronicles, wrote a guest post, about “Micro Peacework”, for Danny at

Adam of Dharma Brewing wrote, My Practice My Family, for Joshua at Applied Buddhism


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