BuddhamartDo you remember me saying “… I’m seeing Buddhism everywhere I look…” in my last post? It happened again.

Monday I had to hit Sprawl-Mart for a filter for the AC and some mayo for the wife. Naturally these two items were on opposite sides of the store. After picking up the filter I decided to cut through the houseware and then clothing section in the middle of the store instead of walking around them. What did I see half way through? Jam Master Buddha.


  1. On more serious note, I purchased similar shirt at Nordstrom Rack a while back. After Buddha pilgrimage to India, and seeing folks worship statues of Buddha everywhere, I must say I got a bit turned off by whole devotional aspect. I am at the point where I wonder about representational aspect of the man. Buddha is within, not to be found outside. In his teachings, the Noble One made it clear that he did not support devotional practices. But then, he also suggested that people visit all historical of his life. This could be topic for a whole post.

    PS- I still have small statue of Buddha on my desk :)

  2. I should mention that my walmart has Jesus shirts all over the place…I would much prefer jam-master Buddha. Even if it is sorta silly.

  3. Ya know…Buddha is my DJ.

    and my copilot.

    and my backseat driver…

    and my marketer.

    and the greeter at the local Walmart.

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