The Australian Institute for Consciousness Studies

A fellow blogger, Dharma pal and Tibetan Buddhist monk Clarke Scott, aka Loden Jinpa, has founded an interesting project in Australia. I’d explain it a bit more myself, but Clarke can do it much better than I…

What is AICS? The Australian Institute for Consciousness Studies has been established as a nexus for advancing interdisciplinary understanding that combines scientific and contemplative investigatory knowledge. AICS activities focus on the research into the nature, origins, and role of consciousness in human existence and the natural world.

The aims of AICS is to bring the contemplative traditions such as Buddhism into conversation with the modern world by establishing scientific research projects on mental training and its effect on brain functioning.

AICS has three main objectives:

  • To establish collaborative research projects between scientists, psychologists, philosophers and contemplatives.
  • To provide retreat facilities for people from around the world to learn meditation and engage in short and long term retreats.
  • To create educational programs to facilitate integration of the findings from our research projects.

Clarke has also published a fantastic article on his blog, “Does Buddhism Need Science”, that can be found here

And, if that isn’t enough info for you… below is a ten minute run down video that Clark recorded himself. I hope you enjoy what he is doing and I look forward to following the progress of his project.

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